• We can offer healthy food to the world and a peaceful relationship with the planet

    Discover new flavors, learn new recipes, encourage the growth of thousands of veggie entrepreneurs, and consume food from local organic, pesticide free, producers!

    Live in harmony with nature.

  • Do you love cooking delicious vegetarian food or teaching nutritious dishes?


    Offer your menu

    We only allow dishes without animal products.

    You will receive 100%

    We added 10% for management fees and donations

    Veganize with love!

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  • We are members of the FSN Forum

    Food Security and Nutrition - FAO/ONU

    We are currently a member of the CFS - Committee on World Food Security

    We are working on indications of good practice for food security and nutrition in protracted crises.


  • WE ARE

    Activists, chefs, local producers, social entrepreneurs together = a collaborative economy network




    You choose who we're going to support
    We donate 20% of our benefits






    Tell us about NGOs, Animal Shelters/Rescue Collectives, or Social/Environmental Projects that you would like us to support!


    Inspire yourself

  • Depending on the restrictions caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), our platform offers only the options of: food delivery, food collection (pick-up/tawe away), free food for vulnerable groups.


    We welcome all entrepreneurs and support small street food businesses, restaurants, cafes, to use our platform. We cut our commission margin in half to favor the whole community and continue donating resources to the NGOs and projects.


    We remind you that all the dishes offered must be 100% vegetarian, that is, without ingredients of animal origin.


    The options of experiences in the house of the hosts and gastronomic experiences in external areas (picnics, workshops, tours, events) are deactivated until the release by the authorities.